Founded 1906“We are lean but mean”

We are a progressive wholesale company with an extensive distribution network and a low overhead. We offer comprehensive services to both the retail and catering/horeca markets. CEO and Managing Director for ÓJ&K and SD is Ólafur Ó. Johnson

Despite the two names, we are one company operating in three main branches:

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Service hours

Weekdays from 08:30 - 17:00


Service hours

Weekdays from 08:30 - 17:00
closed between 12pm and 1pm

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Retail Well established wholesale

ÓJ&K is a well established wholesale company with more than a century of experience and connections and a very extensive distribution system. We import and distribute a large selection of convenience goods to the retail market. We offer many of the best-known brands in food products, candy, coffee, hygiene and cleaning products. Our sales representatives are second to none; eager and experienced and well connected – visiting clients all over the country.

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Horeca/Catering Sælkeradreifing

Sælkeradreifing is ÓJ&K’s sister company, specializing in imports for the catering/HORECA market. We offer a wide range of frozen and dry goods for our clients which are mainly restaurants, cafés, hotels, bakeries and canteens … we basically service all the bigger kitchens of Iceland! All our sales representatives are professionals, both chefs, bakers and conditors. They know their business, bringing our clients all the latest from the international arena of gourmet food, the highest quality at the best value – and all the latest tricks of the trade.

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Light Let there be light!

We also specialize in everything connected to lighting, representing Signify – formerly Philips Lighting – selling everything from the tiniest bulbs to stadium flood lighting. We offer comprehensive and specially designed lighting solutions for all kinds of businesses as well as homes.

Horse products Mustad for our horses

For most riders and horse enthusiasts, Mustad needs no introduction. The quality of the products from the Swedish manufacturer are unquestioned, whether it be the shoes, the nails or any kind of appliances or material for shoeing and horse hoof-care.

You know themOur brands

  • ajax
  • palmolive
  • galantino
  • callebaut
  • Santa Maria

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Iceland‘s Strongest – a hat trick for us!

Once again we got a „full house“ with all three companies receiving top marks for their strength and stability in the marketplace.

New website and online store.

We have joined the world of e-commerce and just launched a new web on, we have also launched an online store for our B2B customers on . The store is directly connected to our purchase ordering system and warehouse inventory and is higly efficient and simple.