Terms and conditionsÓJ&K-ÍSAM's terms and conditions.

Distribution – Reykjavík area
Orders need to be sent in before 12:00 noon to be delivered the day after (next working day). All orders over 25.000 ISK (without VAT) are delivered free of charge.

Delivery – other parts of Iceland
We use both Samskip/Flytjandi for ÓJ&K-ÍSAM’s distribution outside the greater Reykjavík area.  Orders that exceed 25.000 ISK (without VAT) are delivered free of charge. If the order is for less than 25.000, the customer is charged for shipping.
All orders need to be booked 24 hours before departure from Reykjavík.

Return policy
Goods that are to be returned need to be reported to ÓJ&K-ÍSAM’s staff within 24 hours of delivery.
Faulty deliveries or defected goods delivered outside of the greater Reykjavík area are to be returned with the same courier that delivered the order. A credit note will be issued after the goods have been returned and booked by ÓJ&K-ÍSAM’s warehouse.

Those customers who have not negotiated special terms for their accounts, e.g. cash payments or charges by credit cards, will be receive an invoice through on-line banking. Due dates are set according to the contract between ÓJ&K-ÍSAM ehf. and the customer.
Interests on overdue payments are according to Icelandic Law No. 38/2001 on interest rates and indexation on payments made after final due dates.
Comments or complaints about invoices need to he made within 10 days of the invoice issue date. If conflict arises on the amount of the invoice, the customer is only allowed to hold payment on the conflicted part of the total amount.
Some goods are sold by weight, not pieces. ÓJ&K-ÍSAM ehf. tries its utmost to fill the order as close to the ordered weight as possible. The invoice will always reflect the exact weight that was delivered.
A 245 ISK transaction fee is charged for all remittance slips.

Payment security
ÓJ&K-ÍSAM ehf. accepts all major credit cards. Credit card payments are processed by a secure site of Rapyd and ÓJ&K-ÍSAM has no access to card information and does not collect any such data.

Opening hours
Sales department:
Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 16:00

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00
Friday: 08:00 – 16:00

Blikastaðavegi 2-8,
112 Reykjavík.
Tel: 535-4000

Email for orders: pantanir@ojk-isam.is

  • ÓJ&K-ÍSAM ehf
  • Blikastaðavegi 2–8, 112 Reykjavík
  • Phone: 535 4000
  • Email: ojk-isam@ojk-isam.is


Opening hours
Weekdays from 08:00 - 16:00
+354 535 4000


Opening hours
Weekdays from 08:00 - 17:00
closed between 12pm and 1pm
+354 535 4000