Human resourcesOJ&K team

CooperationWe are a strong team

Each and every person on our staff is a valued member of the ÓJ&K team of over 70 people. We are a tight and strong unit that works well together – and make a point of getting together outside the workplace for fun and family activities, organized by Huginn, the company’s staff association.

ÓJ&K’s Managing Director is Ólafur Ó. Johnson.


Main office Department of operations

ÓJ&K and SD have 30 outstanding sales representatives, two of which are stationed in Akureyri in Northern Iceland. Some serve the retail part of our business, others are professionals serving the HORECA part of the market and a few specialize in lighting equipment from Signify / Philips Lighting or Mustad hoof-care products for horses.

Our overhead is very low compared to other similar companies, which makes our office team all the more valuable. A small group within our team takes care of accounting, finance, IT, taxes and customs and phone service – as well as overseeing the whole operation.

Warehouse & distribution Warehouse

The warehouse consists of 3200pallets, a 900 pallet freezer and 100 pallet cooler. In addition, we rent space in Eimskip warehouse hotel.

We have 24 staff working in the ÓJ&K warehouse which is in operation from 7 AM to midnight Monday through Friday, all year round. Warehouse manager is Kjartan Fridriksson.

Warehouse & distribution Distribution

We have 7 trailers serving Reykjavik and the surrounding municipalities and the biggest towns in Southern and South West Iceland. For distribution to other towns, further away from Reykjavik, we use contractors.